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Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Homepage!

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Auf den folgenden Seiten stelle ich verschiedene Fotos aus meinem Portfolio vor. Einen Schwerpunkt setze ich auf moderne und dekorative Digital-Art Motive sowie der urbanen Fotografie.

Wandbilder können auf unterschiedlichen Materialien erworben werden, wie z.B. Leinwand, Poster, Alu-Dibond, Forex, Holz und Acrylglas. Zudem gibt es eine große Auswahl an Kalender. Weitere Motive sind auf Handy Hüllen, iPad und iPod Hüllen, Grußkarten, Metallschilder, Türfolie und Tapete erhältlich. Auch im Sortiment befinden sich ausgewählte Motive auf T-Shirts, Uhren, Tassen, Mousepads, Taschen und diversen Wohnaccessoires wie Kissen und Vorhänge.

Hier geht es direkt zu einer Auswahl meiner Produkte und Onlineshops:

"artboxONE" - Moderne und dekorative Werke

Eine Auswahl an aktuellen Motiven und Bestsellern gibt es bei artboxONE, u.a. als Galerie-Print, Leinwand, Holzbild, Premium Poster, Alu-Print, Acrylglas und Handyhüllen. Link zum Angebot: artboxONE

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Jetzt auch alle Motive als RAVENSBURGER PUZZLE bestellbar - in vier verschiedenen Größen (500 Teile, 1000 Teile, 1500 Teile und 2000 Teile). Mehr Informationen hierzu bei artboxONE: Melanie Viola - Ravensburger Puzzle

Mehrere Interviews zu meinem Werdegang, Stil, aktuellen Werken und Tipps rund um die Bildbearbeitung: OhMyPrints, CALVENDO, Artist Become, Netzwerk Fotografie und AZUTURA. Weitere Veröffentlichungen sind unter "Veröffentlichungen/Publications" zu finden.

Alle Informationen über mich und einen Überblick über meine Werke gibt es zusammengefasst im aktuellen Portfolio (2021).

INFORMATION: Ich biete KEINE Motive über Bildagenturen an. Meine Werke sind somit NICHT zum billigen Download erhältlich! 

Welcome to my homepage!

Find unique modern and decorative artworks! I am drawn to urban landscape and the lines I find in architecture. Horizontal structures crossed by vertical structures increase the impression of objects and provide a rapid dynamism. Picturesquely active passages, modern colour accents and graphic nuances find a revolutionary combination in my pictures.

In addition to my decorative digital-art images you can also find a lot of classical urban images and fascinating landscape pictures in my portfolio.

The images are offered online on canvas, poster, aluminium, acrylic glass and metal. Furthermore a large variety of calendars is on sale. Plenty of choices you will also have on mobile cases, greeting cards, adhesive foil, wallpaper and clothing as well as on a lot of home accessories.

Artist of the Month on ElephantStock (2021): See full article. You can find the most current interview at AZUTURA.

Further information about me and my artwork: Portfolio (2021).

Click on the following links to see a selection of my online shops and the products I am offering:

++ NEW +++ My photography and designs at "EUROPOSTERS"

Europosters has become one of the top sellers of posters, wall murals and wall art. It is simply not just an online shop, it is a place where you can find inspiration and learn interesting facts about movies, TV shows and interior design on their blog. On Europosters I am offering many bestsellers as well as a selection of my new "Vintage Summer Series". Visit my portfolio here: Europosters

Discover my designs at "ARTESTA"

Artesta is the right place to get inspiration and wall decor ideas. Modern posters categories are designed to be hanged individually or in group because they fit perfectly with each other. Among these collections you will find scandinavian wall art, landscape pictures, breathless fine art photography, minimalist posters, graphic design prints and illustrations among many others!

Link to my portfolio: Artesta-Melanie Viola

Link to the shop: Artesta

Choose among hundreds of modern art pieces and let your walls tell stories!

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My artwork at "iCanvas"

iCanvas works with leading artists to curate a deep selection for all styles of art - helping people across the globe find art they will love.

iCanvas also offers art for your business. Find affordable solutions for a more welcoming workplace. Get a perfect style for your space - a fresh look that your clients or employees will love!

My portfolio so far: iCanvas

Free shipping on all U.S. orders.

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"FY!"  - free shipping on everything worldwide

Link to FY! Onlineshop

Hey, visit me at "FY!" and leave some likes if you enjoyed my images (no account needed). That will help me to get online more attention.

Link to FY: IamFY or click on the image!

Get the "FY!" App on your mobile device and discover stuff you already want (account needed for entire features). A world of emerging brands is waiting just for you!

Looking for wallart, home decor, accessories or presents? Here you will find surely something for your loved ones or yourself :-)

INFORMATION: I do NOT working with stock agencies. Therefore all of my images/artworks are NOT available for cheap download!