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Here are some of my square calendars displayed - with English subtitles and an international layout (5 languages).

Size: 30x30 cm (ca. 12x12 inches) 

NEW YORK CITY Famous Cityscapes

CALENDAR "NEW YORK CITY Famous Cityscapes"

Monochrome urban impressions

A premium-quality calendar with unique black and white images from New York City. See famous attractions as well as some typically street scenes. Explore buildings of various decades, walk through urban canyons and enjoy beautiful nightscapes. A great way to discover New York City.                                                

300 × 300 mm Wall     978-1-325-36206-6  
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

VENICE Silent Nights


CALENDAR (back) "VENICE Silent Nights"

Lovely calm and peacefully impressions

A premium-quality calendar with unique images from Venice. Discover classical nightscapes of famous sights and buildings. See some famous attractions as well as some typically squares and canals. Get impressions of the beautiful Italian lagoon city without any people around. A great way to discover Venice!


300 × 300 mm Wand   978-1-325-36283-7  
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

MONUMENT VALLEY Gorgeous Scenic Views


CALENDAR (back) "MONUMENT VALLEY Gorgeous Scenic Views"

The Unique American Southwest

See a wonderful colorful desert and an unspoiled countryside… North America’s landscape is so fascinating! Explore the rural areas and get unique impressions of the beautiful scenery. This calendar offers 13 fantastic views of Monument Valley.

300 × 300 mm Wall  978-1-325-32842-0  
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

MODERN ART Cityscapes




Positive and meaningful messages

Words can have a powerful effect on how you think and therefore, how you act. These motivational phrases will help you succeed and achieve more today, tomorrow and in the future. Get this unique calendar for inspirational moments during the year.

300 × 300 mm Wand    978-1-325-36090-1  
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

BERLIN Gorgeous Urban Views

CALENDAR "BERLIN Gorgeous Urban Views"

CALENDAR (back) "BERLIN Gorgeous Urban Views"

Well-known sights and places

Berlin's history has left the city with a highly eclectic array of architecture and buildings. The city's appearance today is predominantly shaped by the key role it played in Germany's history in the 19 th and 20 th century. Make a city tour with this premium-quality calendar and see some famous sights and places around town.

300 × 300 mm Wall    978-1-325-36550-0  
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

LONDON Classical Cityscapes

CALENDAR "LONDON Classical Cityscapes"

CALENDAR (back) "LONDON Classical Cityscapes"

Enjoy famous sights and places

London is one of the world’s most visited cities. Get this premium-quality calendar with typically cityscapes - classical monochrome images and some with red-coloured accents. These images guides through the city and are showing buildings of various decades as well as sights. See famous attractions and typically street scenes. A great way to discover London!

300 × 300 mm Wall   978-1-325-36608-8  
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

AMSTERDAM Monochrome Highlights

CALENDAR "AMSTERDAM Monochrome Highlights"

CALENDAR (back) "AMSTERDAM Monochrome Highlights"

Black and white flair of a unique town

A stroll through the heart of Amsterdam reveals the countless attractions of a city that is filled with history and charm. It is also called the Venice of the North. A series of concentric and bisecting canals, known as the “Grachtengordel”, the canal ring, is one of the main attractions of the city. Experience the unique atmosphere of this city in 12 detailed images.

300 × 300 mm Wand     978-1-325-36612-5 
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

CHICAGO Urban Cityscapes

CALENDAR "CHICAGO Urban Cityscapes"

CALENDAR (back) "CHICAGO Urban Cityscapes"

Unique impressions of the US megacity

A premium-quality calendar with unique urban images from Downtown Chicago. Classical images guides through urban canyons and are showing buildings of various decades. See some famous attractions as well as some typically street scenes. A great way to discover Chicago!

300 × 300 mm Wall     978-1-325-36215-8  
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

LAKE GARDA Idyllic Places


CALENDAR (back) "LAKE GARDA Idyllic Places"

Gorgeous lakeside views and lookouts

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and a popular holiday destination. It has charmed foreign visitors for centuries. The northern part of the lake is narrower, surrounded by mountains. In contrast, the southern lakeshore is low and Mediterranean.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery around Lake Garda. Get this calendar with 12 fantastic views!

300 × 300 mm Wall     978-1-325-35921-9 
24,99 £ / 29,99 €

Also I attached a PDF document with all available calendars. If you click on a title, all single calendar sheets will appear (internet connection needed).